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You must be over the age of 21 to apply as a Mentor. Please provide your permanent / main address.

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Your Background

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We need volunteers to understand from the outset that training is a big commitment and investment - by you and us - and want to ensure you understand what is expected.


Volunteering for us has the following technoogy requirements:

I have a computer or smartphone capable of running Microsoft Teams that I can use for training

I have a workspace where I can ensure provacy for my Mentees - i.e. not a coffee shop, library, or other public setting


We take the privacy of our Mentees very seriously, and unless intervention is required to address and immediate risk to life, will not share personally identifying information about our Mentees with any third party.

I will abide by the Been There confidentiality policy

I will not share identifying information about a Mentee with anyone - friends, family members, social media followers, etc. - even if I think this information is anonymous

I will not attempt to contact a Mentee outside of the Been There platform

Advice Giving

At Been There our focus is on empowering Mentees to find their own answers, rather than giving advice and telling a Mentee what they "should" do

I can provide empathetic support to a Mentee without telling them what they should do


We require that Mentors agree to our safeguarding policy. Been There and our volunteers place Mentee safety as our top and overriding priority.

If you suspect a Mentee is being abused, neglected, or is at risk, you must explain to them that you and Been There are obligated to inform the appropriate authorities.

I will follow these safeguarding guidelines and gather and report such information as is required to keep my Mentees safe


Training is a big commitment by both you and us. We ask that volunteers commit to spending a minimum of 6 months as part of the BeenThere Community

Training is carried out online over 2-3 evenings at around 2.5 hours each session, followed by an assessment

If accepted, I will spend at least 6 months volunteering for Been There as a Mentor

If accepted, I will commit to attending and completing the Mentor training

Community Guidelines

We require all Mentors to follow our Community Guidelines

I have read and will abide by the Community Guidelines


Please provide 2 references, at least one of which must be a professional reference as defined below. These cannot be a family member or relative. All references received will be confidential between your referee and Been There. By entering their details below, you give Been There permission to contact the referees listed to obtain references about you.

Professional Reference

Please provide a reference from a professional - e.g. employer, colleague, teacher, lecturer, solicitor, doctor.

Personal Reference

Please provide a personal reference - someone you know outside of work who can share information about your character and abilities